The new Akdolit® production site in Istein (Baden-Württemberg) has been operational since December 2019.

The new production facility, which replaces the former plant in Pelm (Rhineland-Palatinate), is intended for the production of filter materials specially designed for the treatment of drinking water. Lhoist has invested more than 6 million euros in this facility in Istein in order to modernise production and make it future-oriented.  

With this new plant, we have more than doubled our production capacity, thus supporting the extremely ambitious sales targets we want to achieve in the drinking water market segment. Thanks to this investment, we can reliably supply the national and international drinking water market with a wide range of products.

It was also very important for us to minimise the ecological footprint of the new production plant. On average, we use 48% less electricity and reduce CO2 emissions by the same proportion.

In addition, the properties of the granulated materials produced on the new site have been considerably optimised. The reactivity of Akdolit® CM G (Gran) produced in Istein is considerably improved, and the use of Akdolit® Hydro-Calcit® C G is made easier for the user.

Istein Akdolit plant