Akdolit® Partner for your water treatment

Akdolit® is the Lhoist Group's worldwide brand for products and services for the treatment of drinking and process water.

With over 125 years of experience in the industry, we offer you a full package range :

via an unique range of high-quality products and services for your individual needs.

local on-site trials, specific reagent analysis, technical advice and supply chain services.

all our products are produced based on the E.U. water treatment guidelines + WHO regulations.

thanks to our long-term experience and international presence.

Get the purest water with Akdolit®

Our product range for your specific need


Deacidification, pH adjustment, remineralisation and hardening of soft or aggressive water. Softening and decarbonisation of hard water.


Single or multi-layer filtration for an optimal removal of iron, manganese and other impurities.

Special applications

Elimination of undesirable odour, taste, colour, ozone, chlorine and removal of organic compounds. Neutralisation of strong acids in water containing sulfates or in boiler condensate.